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DATE: 15th MAY 2019


ADDRESS: THE HAC, City Road, London EC1Y 2BQ

Registration & Networking Breakfast

Transformation is a journey and not a project!  As the world of business rapidly changes, HR needs to foster a culture of change and transformation at their core in order to stay relevant and deliver impact.  This session will dive deep into a similar journey of an HR team, their wins, learnings and way forward

Akhilesh Nair

Global VP HR Genpact

-How Brexit impacts Talent Acquisition

-Volume and experienced hiring in new talent pools

-Reskilling and redeploying internal talent

-Assessing for high potential and digital behaviours

Amber Harris 

cut-e an AON Company

Forget the bean bags and premium coffee. As they step into more senior leadership roles, Millennials are making profound changes in the way businesses are run. But will HR and business leaders find opportunity – or conflict – as managerial power moves to a new generation? (And are Millennials ready for the challenges Generation Z will pose to their leadership?)

Successful pre-employment screening is at the forefront of any on-boarding programme. This session explores how AI is revolutionising screening, and latest insights on engaging with millennials and an increasingly global workforce.

Digital Transformation in a business is driving increased expectations from customers. This is being felt internally by the employees in those business, at all levels. Employees expect an experience with their HR teams similar to the ones they have with consumer brands, which is easy, straightforward and a seamless conversation. Supercharging your employees internal experience with your business has become as important as enriching your customer experience. Leverage actionable insights from our roundtable on creating greater employee engagement and setting your employees up to put customers at the heart of everything they do. Which in turn will positively support how your team drive a customer centric culture in your business.

Networking Lunch

In an agile world it is becoming ever more clear that organisations are becoming constrained by their success.  For survival in the gig economy, machine economy, with disruptive ways of working, and with significant pressure on non-balance sheet risks organisations must be renewed—like a forest that must burn to allow new growth.  Organisations need to reinvent themselves to survive and grow.  And HR has a key role to play.  Sarah and Doug will approach this topic from the perspective of systems thinking, chaos theory, leadership and the learning organisation: particularly its capacity to renew and self-organise.  Combining both thought leadership in this area and experience of how the HR function this has helped bring this to life in The Coca-Cola Company; they will present a fast moving overview of how organisations need to embrace crisis and renewal

Sarah Hutton & Doug Ross

HR Director Western Europe – Coca Cola

AI and cognitive technologies are changing the way we deliver HR and Talent Management. Using live demos and new technology, this session brings to life how every HR process and interaction is likely to be re-imagined with AI solutions; illustrating how organisations of the future will shift to being talent-centric and AI-powered and highlighting opportunities for HR reinvention.

Janina Teepe


A cradle to grave approach to developing leaders from within an organisation, to grow the success of your business through your people. Maintaining your vision and goals and growing loyalty in your employees and customers

Dominic Flanagan

Costco Wholesale UK

This talk will focus on How you can drive a positive employee experience through wellbeing, culture and engagement.

Ama Afrifa-Tchie

Culture Trip

Networking Drinks Reception